NSFHSA joins forces to promote the Canadian Cancer Society’s Trottibus Program

NSFHSA joins forces to promote the Canadian Cancer Society’s Trottibus Program

NSFHSA is proud to announce that we have partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society to promote their new program “Trottibus”.


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The Nova Scotia Federation of Home & School Associations (NSFHSA), established in 1936, is an independent, volunteer, provincial organization, comprised of various parent groups. The Federation welcomes School Advisory Councils, PTAs as well as other parent groups throughout Nova Scotia. Members can be made up of parents, teachers, students, administrators, school board members and others, who are interested in working together for the benefit of all children and youth, at home, in schools and in our communities.

The Federation believes that when parents/guardians are well informed about their children's education and work with teachers and administrators to bring about positive change, quality of life at school improves for all as well as quality of life in the home.

The Federation, therefore; encourages on-going communication and cooperation among parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, school boards and the community in making decisions, which affect the education system in Nova Scotia. NSFHSA believes in mutual respect and understanding for everyone's views.

The NSFHSA is affiliated with the Canadian Home and School Federation. NSFHSA is also a member of the Atlantic Caucus which is comprised of Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick and is also an education partner in conjunction with the NSTU, NSSBA, ANSEA and FPANE.